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Maayan Shaked, is a singer songwriter, born in 1986 and raised in Israel.
Maayan grew up with great Soul-Pop music artist's sound, such as: Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Steve Wonder, Bryan Adams, Tina Turner etc.
At that time, her only Idol from Latin America was 'Selena' which influenced her singing and performance later on (such as: Cristian Castro, Celia Cruz and many more..)
Since she was a little girl, her parents saw her potential and capabilities as a performer on stage.
Maayan started dancing at age 3, singing when she was 12, and performing professionally on stage when she was 16 years old.
The Unforgettable show at the prestigious "Nokia hall" in Tel Aviv, Viewed by thousands of people, gave her the first prise and the honor to perform with the most famous Argentinean singer (at that time..) – Natalia Oreiro.
Since then, Maayan has been marked as a Spanish singer in Israel and became a well known singer in the Latin scene of Israel.
With her special look, the perfect accent and unique voice - the audience always gave her the title "Latina" (without having Latin roots at all…).
in 2004, Maayan was called to serve the army for two years in the IDF of Israel (a duty of every Isareli citizen when they turn 18) and Joined the Israeli force orchestra as a lead singer.

In 2014 she felt the need to go back to the type of music that had influenced her as a child and experience it from the main source of Gospel and Soul music, so she joined to the UPHI church choir in New York City.

In 2017 back in Israel, she keeps managing her career and performing all around the globe.
The combination of her capabilities as a remarkable singer with her desire and ambition promote her to a great success in Israel and will lead her to one of the prestigious spots in the music industry of Israel, the USA and more!

Maayan Shaked, is a singer songwriter from Israel. Born in 1986 and raised to a supporting family and friends who were interested in her developing music career.
Her music career began when she decided to try her luck in a National competition for the first time, called: "The Israeli Natalia Oreiro".
Out of 15,000 competitors Maayan won the first prise and the honor to perform with Natalia Oreiro herself!
6 months later, Maayan participated the National competition called: "A Star Is Born" (the Israeli Version for "American Idol") and got to the semifinal of season 1 while she is only 17 years old.
From that day, Maayan earned amount of fans that follows her career since then…

Her career is full of impressive and versatile achievements:
2004 - Preforming at the president Shimon Peres's event for publishing his book "not the same sea" with the attorney Mr. Haim Misgav.
The event took place at the well known hall: "Beit Bialik".
Maayan received a copy of their book with a special dedication from Shimon Peres which wrote: "For Maayan, with a voice as clear as crystal"
2006-2004 – Joined the Israeli force orchestra as a lead singer and did 2 years of service in the IDF, which during the service participated in an international tour in the Netherlands.
2012-2008 – Joined to Laila Malcos's (well known singer from Argentina in Israel) show production and performed as a backup singer.
2012-2010 - performing as a backup singer next to the legendary singer, Marcela Morelo - a well known singer from Argentina who featured with other world-known musicians such as: Celia cruz, Mercedes Sosa and was nominated for "Amigo award" in Spain next to Gloria Estefan and Talia.
The concert visited twice in israel:
in 2010 and in 2012
2012-2011  - performing as a singer in a show of "Habima" -the National Theatre which called "for you have chosen us" by Yochi Brandes and the musical director, Ori Vidislavski.
2014-2011  - performing as a backup and a lead next to her childhood Idol – Haim Moshe- a legendary Israeli popular singer who had influenced and left his mark on the Israeli culture and music industry of Israel. He won the 1999 golden feather Awards song of the year. The concert tour the country and continue so…
2014-2012  - performing as a backup singer in one of the prestigious production shows  in Israel by "Helicon production", which called: "what is love" with Mati Caspi and Riki Gal.
2013 – Participated as a singer for Ollanta Humala - President of peru's honorary degree ceremony in Israel.
2014-2013  - Running her  own Latin band which called "Manantial" and performed as a singer in all kind of events, venues and halls during that time.
also performed as a lead singer with many different Latin bands in many prestigious venues around the country, such as: Latin power production show, Triola, Savor Cubano, Israelitos etc.
May, 2014  - Participated in "American Idol experience" in Orlando FL and got to the final and won the first place to the "Golden Ticket of American idol".
Oct, 2014 – Joined the Gospel Choir, also as a lead singer, and participating the weekly performance which also Aired live streaming for the Internet website, every week, at the prestigious venue: "United Palace House of Inspiration Theater" in NYC, which is known by hosting other well known artists, such as: Adele, Beyonce, B. B. King, Bob Dylan, Prince Royce etc.


"Like water..
Water can carve its way
through stone.
and when trapped,
water makes a new path"

Quote: "Memories of a Geisha"

שיר אהבה ישן (מילים)
​​​​​​​No Puedo Mas (ביצוע)
​​​​​​​גאולה (ביצוע)
כשאת בחדר (מילים)
הופעה עם להקת "ריטמוסיס" במועדון הג'אז הנחשב ביותר בניו יורק - מועדון ה "Blue Note"
מתוך המופע "אהבנו" של: 
חיים משה
מעיין שקד בביצוע לשיר: "זה סימן"
אולם רידינג 3 תל אביב
אירוע חברה, עם להקת אירועים, בשיר סולו:
All I want For Christmas, ניו יורק
הופעה עם להקת ג'אמבו בפסטיבל הארלם, ניו יורק
מופיעה כזמרת מובילה וכחלק ממקהלת הגוספל של תאטרון יונייטד פאלאס,
1 מ-5 התאטראות הנחשבים בניו יורק
הופעה לצד קלי פרייס, זמרת הR&B והגוספל,
היתה מועמדת 7 פעמים לפרס הגראמי הנחשק, ניו יורק
מעיין שקד - במופע היכל בתל אביב, לצד הגדולים ביותר: מתי כספי היקר ונורית גלרון המקסימה
מתוך הופעה בטקס הענקת אות כבוד לנשיא פרו, אויאנטה אומאלה, מהאוניבריסטה העברית שבירושלים.
עם להקת ג'אמן ומעיין שקד, בביצוע לשיר - 
HOY של גלוריה אסטפן ו"תן" של רוני דלומי.
בשילוב ספרדית ועברית.

פעמיים בישראל,
מעיין זכתה להופיע לצד הזמרת הארגנטינאית:

מרסלה מורסלו
(corazon Salvaje, Luna Bonita)
בסיבוב הופעות מרגש ומושקע
בהפקתן של הזמרות:
לילה ופרלה מלקוס
עם להקת "החמניות" של חיל מודיעין,
בסיבוב הופעות בהולנד
מתוך שירות של שנתיים בצבא - בלהקה הצבאית

באירוע השקת הספר: "לא אותו הים"
מאת חיים משגב
שהתקיים בבית ביאליק, תל אביב


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"למעיין, המפיקה צלילים של בדולח"

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